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Breezy Bed: Spoiled Sweet or Spoiled Rotten?

The Breezy Bed ($40) from Alsto presents an interesting point. It does in fact keep your pets off the ground away from bugs, pests, and fleas, but what is a dog if not rolling in the grass?! I'm torn. The Breezy Bed would come in handy if you're in a rainy mud situation like camping for instance. But personally, I think lying in the grass is essential for dogs to be happy! I've even been known to cop a squat in the park with him myself. So what's your take on it?


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capeartist capeartist 9 years
We have a canine cooling mat for our wheaten - you fill it with water and it absorbs the heat from your pet's body. I put it out on the deck in a shady spot in the summer and she loves to lay on it to keep cool. She lays on it inside the house, too!
ILovePugs ILovePugs 9 years
On the muddiest of days, my dog would take a flying leap into the nearest puddle and be quite proud of himself for it - there's no way on earth he would crawl into this when there's dirt, grass, or muck to roll in! *sigh* I swear he loves to make my life difficult! LOL
eleigh eleigh 9 years
My little IG is a total priss and actually won't sit/lay/etc on any surface other than carpet! So I think this would be great for him outside!
Lynne Lynne 9 years
It's a soft-coated wheaton terrier!!!! I grew up with these and love seeing them for advertisements. Is it okay to only comment on the picture?!?!?!
JessNess JessNess 9 years
My guy Jeffrey is allergic to grass and this would be perfect for him. We always put towels, rugs, blankets etc out in the grass for him so he can lay in it. He even pulls his own bed out into the grass when he wants to be in it. Im also allergic to grass so I totally sympathize with my little boy
Renees3 Renees3 9 years
These sorts of things are also good for keeping cool in hot weather. Since it was 113 here yesterday this looks like a good idea for me!
sandyday16 sandyday16 9 years
It's hard to image a dog sitting long enough but I could image an older dog enjoying this. Also, years ago I had an English Bulldog (they are notorious for skin problems) who would have loved this. He could be outside with his family but not have to worry about the sign and skin allergies. He was always up for a good nap and this would have come in handy for that also. :-)
Aphrosette Aphrosette 9 years
Somehow even if I bought it, I don't see my dogs actually staying on it!!! They never stop moving when we are outside!
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