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When a pal mentioned the story of a dog and car washing combo, I envisioned a terrified North strapped "in neutral" to some rolling tracks! After checking out the full story, it makes a lot more sense. Much like self-service dog washing stores, one creative Pa. business owner combined a car wash with a dog wash.
Costing $8 for 10 minutes, a powerful jet sprays oatmeal shampoo before conditioner, then a temperature-controlled rinse, pet appropriate blow dry heat, and comb out time. You can use as much product as you'd like . . . but you'll pay a buck more for each additional minute and 25 seconds. Even if you forget something, there's a vending machine for all your last minute needs (combs, towels, etc) and then you can hop back in and wash your car while your clean pet waits patiently nearby! I love the idea of one-stop shopping – well, if I washed my own car – but what you do you think?

Staff Photographer: April Saul

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meggles114 meggles114 8 years
Ha! I instantly recognized this because this car/dog wash is right around the corner from my house!
sab41506 sab41506 8 years
We have one that is similar near us and it would be awesome if it was cleaned more often. Sometimes there are big clumps of hair left all over the tub and in the drain. It is really gross. Also people take pets that have fleas and the grass around the wash is infested.
acemonkey acemonkey 8 years
This is awesome! I would definitely check this out if there was one nearby.
wackdoodle wackdoodle 8 years
Brilliant here's why. Several times I have taken our dog Nike to the beach. Nike always gets chucked into the ocean which she hates and then she fells compelled to roll in the sand and seaweed on the beach. Then we get in the car. The car becomes a stinky sand box. It would be nice to be able to clean my car and clean Nike up immediately after we leave the beach. Rather getting home and having her hurl sand and seaweed and nervous dog funk around the house. After wrestling her into the bath and then drying and brushing out the huge German Sheppard mix I have to go out and tackle the car. Easier to knock both off at one time.
jcarvin77 jcarvin77 8 years
We used to live right near here. Still not too far away so I definitely plan on trying it out!
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