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My Cat Has a Broken Leg, How Can I Help It Heal?

Readers, Bany19 needs our help! Her poor kitty broke his leg, but she can't stop him from moving around. Read more about her dilemma:

Let me start out by saying that I adore this online group. Everyone in this group is very friendly and helpful . . . it is comforting to have a place to go to with questions and concerns.

Anyway, I need some advice about my cat. Hedwig is 11 months old, and two weeks ago he broke one of his hind legs. I rushed him to the emergency vet and they took x-rays (he sustained a transverse fracture of the tibia . . . fibula was not broken). The emergency vet splinted his leg and said that he needed to be re-checked once a week. When we went for the second check-up the vet took off the splint to examine his leg and determined that the fracture was still moving around too much and needed to be casted.

Broken Leg


Hedwig is doing well now and is acting like himself again. My concern is this: the vet told me to keep the cat in a kennel at all times but my cat HATES to be locked up in a kennel . . . he actually gets pretty violent and throws himself up against the walls, bites the wire door (he cut himself) and seriously stresses himself out. As a compromise to Hedwig, I have been keeping him locked up in my small bathroom during the day while I am not at home. When I am at home I have to let him out because as soon as he hears me come in the door he starts to meow a lot and scratch at the door. He is able to hop up on the couch and the bed (which I know he shouldn't be doing and I prevent it if I can catch him doing it in time) and he walks around some with his broken leg trailing behind him.

For the most part, he lays in my lap or on his little cat bed on the floor and does not move around a whole lot, but I am concerned about how much movement is acceptable and what I can do do help his little leg heal. I am wondering if anyone has any feedback about this. Am I doing him a serious disservice by allowing him to move around the apartment? What can I do to make this healing process go by smoothly? We have 3 more weeks to go!!!

Thank you in advance for your help.

Got any advice for helping a pet heal quickly and safely? Please share it in comments! And if you have a pet dilemma you need the community's help with, tell us all about it in the Pet Peeves group in the PetSugar Community.

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