After you told me that you prefer a hidden litter box over a visible one, I went on the hunt for a chic yet discreet litter box. So when I came across this line of products on GNR8, I knew I had landed on something different. Designed by Marly Gommans, the Cat's in Style series features a cubed litter box, a pillow, scratching post, and even a door! All made from environmentally sound materials, you can "scoop up" (sorry, I couldn't resist) the minimalist Litter box for $420 dollars.

If you feel like dropping even more cash, the Scratching Post will run you $200, and the Pillow a mere $31, but no word yet on that door. I'd be interested to see how that one looks in real life! What do you think of the Cat's in Style line? Check out more images below.