I spend tons of time on the computer, thanks to my obsession with finding the best pet products to share, so I'm pretty familiar with my desktop equipment, even though I'm not as tech-savvy as I would like to be. You might say I have a catlike love/hate relationship with my mouse since it likes to freak out when I'm bookmarking, leaving me clickless and desperate. But, thanks to my pal Geek, I have plenty of help in that department. Bonus, she likes kitties and tipped me off to these awesome geeky toys!

Brought to you by Etsy user Catsicle, these plush mouse and iPod cat toys are purrrfect for the geek in all of us, feline or not. The iPod Toy ($14) not only comes with an embroidered screen, but earbuds to boot. The Mouse Toy ($12) is totally life like with the USB connector, but you def don't have to deal with this one going dead. – unless you count your cat tearing it to shreds!