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Cat toilet training; CitiKitty review

The CitiKitty Toilet Diaries: Part One

Hey everyone. BellaSugar here. I love my cats Milo and Minou to pieces. What I don't love about them is their frequent, fetid fecal droppings. They do this thing I call the Circle of Poo: One poops, then the other has to check it out. And then that kitty has to poop in solidarity. Then the other has to have a look, raising the ante by squeezing out another little pooplet. And so on. (Too much information? Yeah, well, there's too much cat poop in my life.)

About six weeks ago, I remembered reading about people who toilet train their cats. I think you know where this is going. The traditional method, as described by jazz musician Charles Mingus, involves keeping a litter box over the toilet. That seemed like too much work, so instead, I decided to try CitiKitty ($29), a feline toilet training kit. The website was filled with photos of happy kitties neatly depositing their mess into a toilet, which gave me great hope. Surely, Milo and Minou would be able to use the loo in a similar way, right? Right?

To find out how the first few weeks have been going,

Even though Milo and Minou are of above-average intelligence, I decided to take things nice and slow with the CitiKitty. The device itself is a lightweight plastic reservoir that sits over the toilet bowl. It has perforations that get punched out over the training period. The idea is that as the cats use the bowl, the hole in the middle gets bigger, and eventually, the kitty will just do his business directly in the toilet. Simple!

Except... it wasn't. For the first week, I used Milo and Minou's regular litter in the CitiKitty and had no problems. I praised them when they peed and pooped in it. (I spent a lot of time cleaning up litter, too.) When I switched their regular litter with flushable World's Best Cat Litter—a misnomer if ever one existed—they turned up their noses. Although they'd pee happily, they wouldn't poop. Milo would meow forlornly and walk around the house looking for somewhere to unload his bowels. Even though I kept putting him on the toilet seat, he refused to poop anywhere except in the bathtub. Ditto Minou.

So I went back to square one, back to their regular litter box. This time, I gave them about a week and a half to get accustomed to the World's Best Cat Litter. They pooped like crazy in there, so I thought we were ready to try it with the CitiKitty again. Last night, I gave them lots of treats and showed them the WBCL in the CitiKitty. At 6am today, I woke to the sound of tiny paws on ceramic. And sure enough, there was Milo, shamefully trying to cover the steaming pile of poop that he'd just produced in the bathtub.

So far, not so good. The boys have no problem peeing with the CitiKity, but I can't seem to get them to do Number Two. Like they say, you can lead a cat to the crapper, but you can't make it stink. I still have high (delusional?) hopes for toilet training the boys. Anybody have suggestions on how I can get them to poo on the CitiKitty?

avance09 avance09 5 years
I have had the same problem! My cat, Lucy, used CitiKitty the first 2 weeks (the 1st hole was removed) just fine! Then when I cut out the second ring, she wouldnt do #2 in the toilet! She would relieve herself on the floor right next to the toilet. She has done this about 6 times. So I emailed citikitty asking what I was doing wrong and they told me to try and put a heavy object or aluminum foil where she was going at. That still didnt work, she just went somewhere else. The only difference was that I use Cat's Pride Flushable litter. Im not understanding what I am doing wrong. What did you end up doing?
MrMrsCatFans MrMrsCatFans 6 years
Hello, glad to see CitiKitty has worked for a few and hoping we can join the club. We love our two cats and started the system 2 months ago. First placing the cat box with their normal cat litter in the bathroom near the toilet. Then slowly adding "World's Best Cat Litter" flushable litter. It hasn't been very convenience since the litter goes on the floor near the shower. Finally yesterday we felt they were ready to try the CitiKitty Toilet Seat. 1 of the 2 urinated in it. The other one did not go potty for 24 hours. Me being a worry-wort kinda mom - was worried that she may get sick from not defecating. So I brought back the box and both cats used it immediately to poop. Kaci Thiel - Looks like you might be an expert with CitiKitty - Any suggestions to get my one princess to use the system? I am thinking of placing their feces in the CitiKitty to show the two cats that where they need to go.
DanielleKeller DanielleKeller 6 years
I have a kitty that is 6 months old. He has been using citikitty since he was 12 weeks old, has done really well with it until about a week ago when he started pooping on the floor next to the toilet but stil pee's in the toilet. Has anyone else had this problem or know why he may be doing this? What can I try to help him to start pooping back in the toilet? Any suggestions are very much appreciated!!
JerriBerri107 JerriBerri107 8 years
I am currently using this product and my kitty was a bit hesitant about pooping in it at first, so I took some of his poop and put it in the city kitty. He jumped in and burried it and from that point on he poops in it. This may not work for you but you can give it a try.
outofhere outofhere 9 years
Hours later and I'm still laughing at this post - I guess when you have cats you understand the poo One of my cats loves the bathtub but only when I'm taking a bath since she seems to think that hot, soapy bath water tastes better than her fresh clean water in her bowl....go figure. If she pooped in my bathtub I think I would have a conniption fit!!! Good luck Bella, I will anxiously await the next installment of the story :)
PamiP PamiP 9 years
I didn't believe my brother when he told me that the crap from two cats isn't just added together, it's exponential. I believe him now. I've had friends that have trained their cats to use a toilet by moving the box next to the toilet, then raising it up with magazines in steps until it hit toilet height, moving it onto the toilet and then removing the box all together. I have not tried it though, because one of my two is of below-average intelligence and coordination, and I foresee the whole box being thrown everywhere.
dannysf dannysf 9 years
Okay, for pooping in the bathtub I have one word: EEW! Relaxing with a glass of wine and a nice good book in the bathtub might never be the same!
designergirl designergirl 9 years
Funny story. I thought about getting my cat to use the toilet, but I decided not to because I didn't want to look at kitty poo whenever I went to the bathroom.
bhilb bhilb 9 years
That's so funny! My cats got mad at me once and started pooping in the bathtub. I had been out of town two weekends in a row (Fri nite to Sun) and at the end of the second weekend, apparently they had had enough. It took months to get them out of the habit. So, since then, I don't mess with their litter boxes.
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