Did you know felines lose more hair in the summertime? Even if you didn't know the reason, kitty owners can likely attest to the abundance of hair on carpet (and clothes and sheets) during the warmer months. Although cats groom themselves excessively, it's still important to brush them during this time, especially long-haired cats who've got more coat to collect. Otherwise, in — or out — pops the dreaded hairball.

As the name implies, a hairball is in fact a ball of hair. The clump of ingested fur forms in a kitty's tummy and, when it becomes too big, causes that "present" found on your carpet. If you're noticing (or worried about) this problem, switch to a high-quality, special hairball formula food or a petroleum-based digestive aid. Already have a picky kitty on your hands? Get my tip and


Try adding a teaspoon of yummy canned pumpkin or baby food squash to his normal food: The sticky stuff can help coat the tummy's contents and hopefully allow your cat to smoothly pass the hairball out the other end and into the litterbox instead.