Chewy Leads Kelly Ripa From ABC
Chewy Leads Kelly Ripa From ABC

It's Chewy Consuelos, the "world's largest Shih Tzu." Well, not technically, but that's what her human mom (aka, Kelly Ripa) loves to call this pooch. She's definitely on the larger size for a potentially tote-able pet, but still totally cute as she walks on her own.

Let's talk about the leash technique for a moment: Kelly's holding the lead straight up, which can be used when first training a pup how to walk or to maintain control while she goes. Keeping the leash fairly taut and also straight up makes it impossible for the pooch to pull because it greatly limits, or stops entirely, the forward motion. Looks like Chewy's taking her time leaving the ABC Studios, so it seems to be working. Check out more adoro photos of the rescued doggie below!


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