After compiling over 20 million of your votes, the 2nd annual PopSugar 100 is finally here! To help celebrate tomorrow's announcement of the PopSugar 100, and her debut on the list, we're bringing you this exclusive interview with Lauren Conrad!

It's been a huge year for LC. Between her friendships, fashion line, and hit TV show, this starlet is bigger and better than ever. We had a chance to catch up with her and talk about love, happiness, food, fitness and just about everything else. Check out our interview across the network and be sure to be back tomorrow to see where she lands and see the rest of the list!

PS: How’s Chloe?
LC: Chloe actually just got back from puppy boot camp because she wasn’t learning anything, but now she is. She still eats everything but she is good!

PS: Do you enjoy having a puppy?
LC: Yeah, she is great. She just eats my shoes. She has eaten a couple pairs literally out of the box too! I never even got to wear them.

Eeks, I guess this pup knows what she likes . . . and, come to think of it, those fringe boots do look like a tempting toy! Do your pets ever eat your shoes, too?