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Watch Out For 6 Holiday Tree Hazards

Dec 22 2010 - 3:15am

Deck the halls and trim the tree. . . but be careful of these six dangers. Find out what they are and get started with the slideshow.

Source: Flickr User Nils Geylen [1]

Metal Hooks

It goes without saying, but sharp metal objects, especially hooks, can snag inside a pet's mouth, throat or deeper inside his body — an emergency vet visit just waiting to happen.

Source: Flickr User jmayer1129 [2]


Jumping up for a nibble could result in the whole tree taking a tumble, too.

Source: Flickr User bwhistler [3]

Fragile or Sharp Objects

Even if your pooch won't intentionally eat hard ornaments, if one falls and breaks, the sharp fragments can cut his paws or nosy nose afterwards.

Source: Flickr User brockvicky [4]

Soft Ornaments

Remember: There's not a big difference between a plush dog toy and a plus tree ornament (in his eyes anyway). Keep the tempting impostors away from his paws.

Source: Flickr User whitneynmatt [5]


These shiny strands can catch the eyes of cats and dogs, but they can also do horrid things if they then travel down throats, too.

Source: Flickr User erkillian5 [6]


Sharp, bright and plugged into the wall? Absolutely no place for a cat — if your furballs are tempted to chomp cords, make sure you've sprayed everything down with a bitter chew deterrent [7] first.

Source: Flickr User jon_a_ross [8]

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