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Cinnabun Is Lost Again and Found

Cinnabun Is Back (Again)

Along with all the sad news surfacing about his marriage this week, I was stunned to learn that Jesse James reported Cinnabun missing once again on March 15. After Cinnabun's miraculous return (the first time), they were certain to get the pooch equipped with HomeAgain, which tracks microchips. Thankfully, this pittie was recovered on March 18 and it was explained on the West Coast Choppers website:

We rarely go into our storage room in the production building but Cinnabun found her way in somehow. She’s back in the office and in high spirits.

Here's hoping this won't happen anymore!

Source: West Coast Choppers

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Smacks83 Smacks83 7 years
Being on a leash id important for dogs as a safety precaution. What if they see something (squirrel, stray cat, other off leash dog) and take off running and get into a nasty fight or hit by a car? I'm not 100% surprised Cinni got out again, pits are little houdinis. Escape artists at its best (and worse!) I guess I just don't get the whole off leash thing sometimes because when i had my rottie (who was very dog aggressive) I had a couple of times where someones off-leash dog came right up to her and she almost started a fight because the owner was like half a block away. With my current pit, I've had people's little yappers off leash run up to his face and try to start a fight (good thing my dog now is very mellow and friendly). Knowing that Cinni escaped the first time they should have been way more vigilant about her.
ccc1 ccc1 7 years
Listen, dogs are crafty little m.f*ckers... I have 2 dogs and the youngest one, always finds a way to escape out of the back yard. I have gone through all the fence hoping to find a hole or an escape route, but nothing comes up. He manages to always escape, he is like a magician. I am not going to have the dogs in the house 24 hours a day, they like to be outside, and I won't have them on a leash all the time either. As much as I walk them, let them out to get exercise, the younger one just likes going out, what can I do?
runningesq runningesq 7 years
Um, HOW does this keep happening?
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