Have you ever walked into an animal shelter and wanted to take every single one of those little guys home with you? It's so sad knowing that a lot of them won't make it to a forever home. Becoming a foster parent can help by taking the animals out of the shelter and increasing their chances of survival but, because of monetary constraints, it's just a fact of life that shelters can't always get the food and vaccinations they need. So what can we do to help? In addition to donating money to your local shelters or volunteering to be a foster parent to an animal until they can find a permanent family, now all you have to do is click.

The Animal Rescue Site has set up a totally cool and easy way to get involved. Just by clicking a button on their main page, you can help shelter animals get the food they need to survive. To see how, just


Charity sponsors get ad space on the page, and for each click of the button, donate bowls of food to animals in need. Plus, when you purchase goods from their online store, the sponsors donate even more! One hundred percent of sponsors' advertising fees goes to the charitable partners – one of which is the North Shore Animal League who Mýa has partnered up with during the Tour for Life – so you know your clicking is well spent, and going to all the right places.

Plus, you can also:

It doesn't take much, so head to The Animal Rescue Site and see what kind of a difference you can make.