George has often talked about the longest relationship he's ever had and it's with his pet pig Max. His faithful companion of 18 years died this weekend while George was out of town promoting The Good German. However, we can all be comforted by the fact that Max led a long happy life. At 18 years of age, his vet said that Max was the oldest pig he had ever seen. Here's more:

"He just died, like an hour ago," PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive, 45, tells USA Today.

"He was as old a pig as the vets had ever seen. I was really surprised, because he's been a big part of my life," says Clooney, who even sometimes shared the same bed with his pet.

"It has been a bad year for my pets," Clooney tells the newspaper. "I had a bulldog that died this year, too. It's strange how animals become a bit part of your family. They really become a big issue with you."

The pig, in fact, was sometimes featured in interviews with Clooney, who called him "Max, the star."

As for finding a successor, "No," Clooney insists. "I think Max covered all my pig needs."

Our thoughts are with you George. Rest in peace, Max. More pics of Mr. Clooney looking hot as always at The Good German premiere last Friday night, so