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With this season's chilly temps, it's especially important to keep your pet toasty and safe. Heidi Ganahl, CEO and founder of Camp Bow Wow, shares some important tips on caring for your furball this Winter:

  1. Never let your dog off the leash in snow or ice. Although it may seem like a fun option to let your pup frolic in the snow, it can prove to be extremely dangerous. Dogs tend to lose their sense of smell in extremely cold weather and become lost. Believe it or not, Winter has the highest rates for lost dogs!
  2. Thoroughly wipe down your dog when he comes back into the house after being in the snow. It is common for dogs to ingest salts for melting ice as well as antifreeze, which can prove to be very toxic.
  3. Similar to how you should never leave your dog in the car during the Summer, the same goes for the Winter; a car can act almost like a freezer in the Winter, trapping heat outside and causing your pet to freeze to death.
  4. Fresh water is a must at all times, as your dog may be more likely to lick ice and eat snow if he/she is thirsty from lack of water. Similar to the above point, it is common for dogs to ingest snow-melting-salts and antifreeze.

Any tips to add?

Source: Flickr User nikoretro

jinxykb jinxykb 6 years
Watch out for the salted sidewalks and the paws!! It cracks the pads and stings. Very painful!! I always put my pup in PAWZ shoes (they are like deflated balloons). They are easy to get on and off and she doesn't seem to mind them.
shalee55 shalee55 6 years
I've been used an washable sweater under my dogs coat which has a fleece lining, it keeps her belly clean. And straight into the tub....the mud and dirty snow are awful even with her Pazz booties...
Ellenora Ellenora 6 years
1) Keep an eye on your dog when they're outdoors, especially if there may be ice under the snow or the air is frigid. Some dogs paws will go numb from the cold before others and can't get back to the door! You may have to get your boots and coat on and go retrieve them. 2) If your dog's paws are numb (they'll come in limping and/or you have to retrieve them), run a washcloth under warm water (not hot or cold). Wring, then hold the washcloth on each paw for about 15 seconds at a time. 3) If you notice that your dog comes in from the outdoor shivering and shaking frequently, invest in a winter jacket for your pet. Your dog is telling you he or she is cold!
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