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I've just added a new product to my cleaning arsenal – this Fur Fighter! I already have a lint brush for my clothes, but this tool's shape is perfect for the quick cleaning of my couch (if I don't want to dig out the Dyson, that is). Want to know what prompted me to pick one up for 10 bucks on a recent trip to Target? Find out when you


The angled shape and sticky extension made this the only way I could truly tackle the corners and crevices of my couch 'cause the round lint brush couldn't fit into those angles as well as it cleaned my wool coat. I don't want to share the embarrassing amount of cookie crumbs and stubborn pet hair that I picked up, so you'll have to take my word for it . . . but I've printed out a web coupon for $2 off when I go back for more!

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kgreenclean kgreenclean 8 years
I think the Fur-Zoff works the best. Less wasteful than other products too. Only $9.99 at
mabuhangin mabuhangin 8 years
Drea nicole---It's not sticky. It's like a very fine velcro. Cortney--it very well may work for you and it does the job quickly.
Cortney Cortney 8 years
Our short-haired chihuahua loves car rides and as a result she has left an amazing amount of hair all over the upholstery. I'm embarrassed to give people rides sometimes. A regular lint brush doesn't do the trick. I'll give this a try.
drea-nicole drea-nicole 8 years
Is it sticky?
ajennilynrushhh ajennilynrushhh 8 years
Ooh I definitely need this! Thanks PetSugar! :)
mabuhangin mabuhangin 8 years
I bought this last month and LOVE it! I have two really furry cats with fine fur that gloms on to all types of fabric and within a few days my bed is as furry as they are. This saves dragging out the vacuum and it works incredibly well and quickly. I used to use the dish gloves but this seems more efficient and less laborious....but not as cheap ;-)
loangela loangela 8 years
The "yellow" dish gloves from your local CVS works just as well.
Minnezona Minnezona 8 years
Awesome tip Pet Sugar! I have been looking for something to clean pet hair off of my couch. I thought I might have to buy one of those insanely expensive vacuum cleaners.
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