Our next PetMarking mission is prompted by YOU! Several users have asked me for my pet bag suggestions, and I want all of us to help them find great options! If you're thinking of bringing your pet on a plane, in a car, or just around town, let's look for cute bags that you wouldn't be embarrassed to be caught carrying!

Please come PetMarking with me, by bookmarking your finds on TeamSugar. Don't forget to tag your finds as Pet Bags. I'll do a recap next week.

Geeksugar has written a helpful explanation of how to bookmark... or, in our case, PetMark! Happy hunting!


Don't know where to start? To see some of my favorite online stores,

Bark Slope

Barker & Meowsky

Best in Show

Dog Bar


Maggie Wags

Modern Tails


Paw Palace

The Sophisticated Cat


Wag Stores