If the arrival of company, presents, and more overwhelms you, imagine what it does to your furry friend? Whether you're staying home, or traveling away in the next couple weeks, try to maintain consistency for your pet's sake. Brush up on holiday dangers and come up with a plan ahead of time. Trust me, it's for the best.

One of the first ways to help minimize your furry friend's stress is to dedicate a room or section of your home (or the place you're visiting) to be the pet's zone. Put toys, treats, and bedding in that area and restrict access for other people. That way a shy animal can still grab some quiet time and have her familiar things gathered in one spot.

Also make sure to create safe spaces from seasonal dangers. If you've got a nosy pooch, set up a pen around the presents under the tree when Santa comes or put up a baby gate to keep four paws out of the cook's kitchen – 'cause safety can also mean keeping pets' nosy noses out. Do you have any tips and tricks for helping the holidays go by without a hitch? Share them in your comments below.