Cute Dogs From Behind-the-Scenes at the 2009 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
Westminster Gallery: Countdown to Best in Show

I've been monitoring the breed results all day from the Westminster Kennel Club 'cause I can hardly wait for the rest of the show. If you can't get enough of the cute doggies (like me, yup, obsessed), I've gathered a bunch of adoro behind-the-scenes pictures from the big apple. We've already seen winners from the Hound, Terrier, Non-Sporting, and Herding groups and tonight at 8 p.m. (live from NYC but tape delayed for other time zones), we'll see the rest of the finalists compete.

To see the order of the remaining groups – and those photos I promised –


Up tonight:

  • Sporting Group
  • Toy Group
  • Working Group
  • Best in Show!