Sabs shared this sweetie in our Spotted! group.

Last night, while walking past Dolores park in San Francisco, I spied this lady with a wee dwarf bunny. I was going to just lurk from the sidelines, but I couldn't help myself and had to approach. Bdette (the owner) told me that her dwarf rabbit was one year old and named Peanut Butter. She also said that this was his first time outside in a park (they just got him a harness). He was so friggin' adorable, and apparently this is about the size he's going to stay.

I told her that I wanted one, but then she told me that the pee is outrageous. The "boo-boos" (her words) you can apparently deal with, but the pee, not so much. Peanut Butter is also guilty of gnawing through more than one phone charger. Either way I thought he was adorable! Do any of you own pet rabbits? What is your experience with the pee situation?

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