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A hot dance party keeps those calories burning, so seek out the following classes to make exercise fun with friends — get ready, set, sweat!

Zumba: Growing in popularity in recent years, Zumba alternates fast and slow Latin-inspired rhythms to teach choreographed steps and serves as ideal interval training. It is not only praised as an intense workout, but it offers a lively atmosphere to boot.

Cardio step: Check the calendar at your local gym, as many of these traditional step classes incorporate dance moves along with the latest tunes. If you don’t have a membership, some gyms offer a pay-per-class option, so there’s still a chance to take part without a monthly fee.

Hip-hop: Following through a sequence class like those for hip-hop teaches different parts of one routine each time, building on what’s been learned in past weeks to culminate in one full dance. Check to join at the beginning of the song so you stay motivated to not miss a thing.

Studio options: Visit a specialized studio to learn dances like tap or salsa. While many offer the first class as a free trial, if not, sign up for an individual one . . . and then buy a pack if you like it.

Cultural dances: Community centers often offer instruction paired with a social event like Carnival to teach Afro-Brazilian or Afro-Caribbean dances that blend soca, calypso, and reggae. It’s a great way to meet people and also learn about different cultures in the process.

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