It seems like having tons of animals is nearly a prerequisite for getting a reality show on E! – from Snoop Dogg's Fatherhood to Girls Next Door, multiple pets seem to be this station's norm. I admit I missed new show Denise Richards: It's Complicated when it first aired on Sunday, but caught wind that she had an unbelievable number of pets that were prominently featured in the first episode.

Umm, and boy is that the truth as her family includes 17 pets! Find out just what types share her property outside of LA when you


In addition to her dad and two daughters living there, Denise Richards' menagerie appears to have plenty of room to roam on what appears to be a farm/ranch-style property! First off, she has three cats (Max, Billy, and Stan) who appeared to be rather camera-shy thus far. Next she has 11 doggies. I tried my best to notice and write down the various breeds I saw (I definitely spotted a Boston, Frenchie, Chihuahua, Pug, Lab, and two Cavs) but was unable to put a lil face to each name: that's Tina, Hank, Wally, Luke, Scarlet, Lily, Emma, Olivia, Sugar, George, and Lucy. Phew. Lastly, she had two oinkers, Charlotte and Bert, and added a new lil one this episode – I think she's hoping for some piggy babies!

The animals seem to be getting along well now, but that wasn't always the case – check out this old video of her working with the Dog Whisperer and tell me what you think about her zoo! I know I'm tuning in to see what happens with the pack next week.