I’ve always been fascinated by Dalmatians: They’re high-energy, they’re trivia makers (no other purebred dog breed features distinctive spotted markings!) and, they were made infamous in one of my favorite pet flicks.

March 4 Disney will release the original classic animated film 101 Dalmatians from the legendary Vault for the first time on two disc platinum edition DVD. It includes pawesome bonus features including the “Virtual Dalmatians” game where you can adopt, train and play with your very own puppy.

The film was produced by Walt Disney and one of the directors was Wolfgang Reitherman (he also directed the animal-friendly Jungle Book) but it’s the first time that that the film has been released this decade.

This platinum edition is only available for a limited time and features a completely restored picture and sound that is sure to capture the attention of a new generation of Dalmatian lovers.

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