We've had a few elephant experiences of our own recently here on PetSugar, from going gaga over hours-old babies to learning that the pachyderms' ancestors were water dwelling creatures! So, to add another entry into the elephant file, I'll share with you this cool story. The other day, a friend of mine sent me this pic of an elephant giving two tourists visiting the Kruger National Park in South Africa a good rattle. His pal – who actually lives in the park – had an up close and personal experience with an elephant of his own just a few months before. Strangely enough, their cars were the same color! So he asked me:

"Some months ago we were in the Park with friends in their Kombi (van), and got approached by an elephant cow who gave us a nerve-rattlingly close inspection, so we sympathize with these two. Interestingly, the Kombi was the same color as this car! Do elephants like "Jazz blue"!?"

Well, you know I just had to find out the answer! To see what I dug up, just


Apparently, elephants are colorblind! Studies have shown that the big guys and colorblind humans have identical sets of visual pigments, which means they can see blue and yellow, while reds and greens are not distinguishable. So that might be the reason why the elephants in this case were attracted to the "Jazz Blue" color of the cars! Who knew?!