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You may remember this cutie pie pooch, Samson? Well, when he's not sleeping like this – daytime naptime as you can see – he loves to keep his new mommy and daddy up past their bedtime! Life's tough as a puppy . . . and sleep all day, play all night is his mantra. What about your furry friends – do they consider themselves to be your personal alarm clock regardless of the time? Oh, and if you have any tips for LilPeaPod on how to get this Frenchie to sleep through the night, share those as well!

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Ridger Ridger 8 years
I need help! I just adopted a new kitty, and it wakes me up ALWAYS around 3am or 3:30. It just loves to rub and lick my face. (with it's face) It also does this any time during the day. It's not for a few seconds though, it will (or can) go on for hours if I would let it. I really need advice on how to break this habit. Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Andy
lily8206 lily8206 9 years
Generally we didn't have a problem at all! Although, in her last weeks she had a hard time settling so she'd be up a lot, but I didn't care one bit. I'd keep doing it if need be - she was my baby.
ladyr ladyr 9 years
I think crate training is totally the way to go. The puppy will probably cry some at first, but you have to let them, to an extent. Over time, just gradually increase the time spent in the crate, and eventually they will learn to sleep in if you want them to. With my most recent puppy, we had him sleeping in until at least 8 am within a couple weeks. We would also put him in there for naps so that he could get a bit of solid puppy sleep during the day without being bothered by our other dog. It is also the best tool for potty training, in my opinion. Anytime you can not watch the puppy, you can crate them. That way you always catch them in the act when they have an accident, which is the key to quick potty training. Now my dog is 2 years old, and he loves his crate! It is his safe place, and he goes to sleep almost instantly when he goes inside his "den". He also sleeps in if he is sleeping in his crate, which is great on weekends!
sunshinedreams9 sunshinedreams9 9 years
Oh boy, I can relate. I love my pets sooo much but they are crazy at night. I have three cats. Sometimes they sleep on my bed all night and behave themselves but other times, they keep me up all night. If I let them in my room, the knock stuff off of my dressers and stuff like that but if I close my bedroom door, they put their paws under the door, paw at the door, and meow. Plus, I have cute little hermit crabs that are very active at night and dig in their gravel. But it's totally worth having pets! Sorry I do not have any advice to help with your puppy but best of luck!
ShePirate2010 ShePirate2010 9 years
My cat makes no noise...but dear lord does my best friend Heidi's dog make the worst noises ever, Sammie is a Pug and every time I spend the night at this ladies house I get the couch.....and Sammie thinks she needs right up in my face she makes these awful noises like gargiling, sneezing, snoring sounds and her nose leaks everywhere!! It's sooooo nasty....
Phasekitty Phasekitty 9 years
First of all, I'm going to agree with all above that crate training is a GREAT way to get your pup to sleep through the night. Brando is crate trained and it helped. The restless sleeping really does wear off though- but I did spend the first month or so doing random 3 or 4AM potty breaks outside and waking up at 7AM. I always made sure the blinds were closed in the living room and kitchen at night because keeping it dark in the mornings helped him sleep later. Also we kept our door open while we slept so that I could wake up at the first signs of whining so there were no accidents. It's just one of those things about owning a puppy, I think. Now I get up in the mornings and shower and get dressed, all before Brando gets up to go outside! It's great- I take him out and then he goes back in and back to sleep while I go to work. You'll get the routine down sooner or later :)
darkbeauty darkbeauty 9 years
Oh yeah, my kitties will keep me up all night when I let them sleep with me. Even when I close my door the little one will start hitting the door at 8am to beg for breakfast.
anya_t anya_t 9 years
Back in the day we'd have our cat sleep UNDER the covers, snuggled between us. Grosses me out just to think about it, but that was then...!
DarlingDA DarlingDA 9 years
Also, putting a blanket over the crate can help - but make sure to leave some of it uncovered so air can circulate, especially since it's getting warm!
DarlingDA DarlingDA 9 years
We crate-trained Ladybird - for the first couple months, we shut her kennel door, but now we leave a puppy gate that blocks off the kitchen and dining room (her area) and the kennel door open, so if she needs to potty or get a drink she can. She used to be in the room with me, but I get up a few times a night to go to the bathroom. I don't sleep well under normal circumstances, so I'm actually the one that'll wake her up! Also, keeping the pup on a set schedule will help. We put LB to bed between 10:30 and 12:00 every night, and I get up even on weekends between 7-8 to let her into the living room (then go back to sleep) - she likes to have a morning nap on the couch!
Renees3 Renees3 9 years
I agree with crating the puppy at night, it REALLY helped us with BBop. Of course in the beginning I was up a lot letting him out to potty, but he soon was able to hold it all night. B-Bop now sleeps in his crate, but we don't close the door anymore. but he will NOT let me sleep in on weekends. He knows I'm up before 6 on weekdays so around 6:15 I think he's confused as to what's going on and comes in a wakes me up.
N9N0 N9N0 9 years
I make it a point to tire my puppy out before bed, this get's me at least 6 hours of sleep before he starts shreaking at 5am. But yeah, kiss those days of sleeping in GOODBYE!
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 9 years
No, but he wakes me up early EVERY DAY. :irk:
Rally-RE Rally-RE 9 years
i highly recommend crating the pup. and, if your critter is getting adequate exercise in the evenings, he/she will be ready to go to bed (you - bed / pup - crate) when you are. all my dogs are crated when i go to bed. they sleep soundly through the night. if you haven't crated your dog before, the first few days can be a little rough with crying, barking, etc. because the pup isn't used to it. however, the pup will grow to feel safe in his/her crate and sleep soundly. you will both sleep soundly!
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
My kitty usually wakes upp earlier then us because she wants to be let out of the bedroom. During the night she is locked in there with us and all her stuff (kitty litter, toys, kitty condo) just so she doesn't get into any trouble. But at like 5:30ish she goes out and watchs the sun rise :)
brittanyk brittanyk 9 years
Beast usually starts waking me up around 5AM because he wants his breakfast.The problem with that is that I usually don't get up until 8 or 9. So, he'll wake me up about every 45 minutes to an hour before I get up and feed him. He'll usually come up and try to lay on my pillow. He'll lick my face or bite my head, whichever he deems appropriate for that day. And forget staying in bed after the alarm goes off. He starts meowing and acting nuts if that happens.
guineapiggin9 guineapiggin9 9 years
Angus does sometimes keep me up with his loud snoring!!
cardioqueen88 cardioqueen88 9 years
I just got Marley less then a week ago, so I am dealing with the exact same problem! My vet said to put her blanket in the dryer and place it in her crate, as well as a ticking clock out side of her crate. I don't know if it really helped, but last night I FINALLY got a full nights sleep when I placed her crate facing my other dogs bed, THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!
italianblonde italianblonde 9 years
One of my cats sleeps all day and cuddles with me at night, but the other one jumps all over us as soon as we lay down. And my dog is on the exact same sleeping schedule, so 2 out of 3 ain't bad.
ALSW ALSW 9 years
Clyde thinks that he should wake me up at least once a night and he comes in to wake me up on weekends if I sleep later than he believes I should as well. We couldn't just lock him out of our room because he does these wails that I can't stand and won't let me sleep either. I talked to the vet and she recommended shutting him in another room if it got bad enough. Somewhere I could actually get some sleep. Luckily, after 2 nights or so of putting him in there halfway through the night, he started to sleep through the night as well. Or at least stop the yowling all night.
girlie871 girlie871 9 years
It's actually the opposite for me and my pups. I have a weird sleeping schedule so it's usually me waking them up in the middle of the night. However, when I first got them they were the ones waking me up early in the morning and late at night. I'm no expert but I think they're restless sleeping is something they grow out of.
Dollylo Dollylo 9 years
I'm lucky because as soon as I go to bed, Polka does the same! ;)
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