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When North was just a puppy, I had to go to London for several weeks. Not wanting to leave my lil guy in care of strangers, I brought him to my parents' house for safekeeping. I checked in often, but one day my dad had a funny story to share. He decided to go into my bedroom and gather up all of North's toys (that I brought in a travel pack from my apartment), and bring them into the living room where my parents were sitting. I guess my pup watched my dad do this . . . and then, one by one, my silly pooch carried each of his toys back into the bedroom and came back into the living room and laid down. Ouch.

Clearly North was not feeling into playtime (and protective of his toys), but now my doggie often ignores me if I've got friends over. He tries to present his toys to them instead – I guess he loves his playtime any way he can get it or maybe he's giving me a break? Do your pups seem to favor playing with one person (or other pet) in particular or is it all equal on the homefront?


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SugarKim4203 SugarKim4203 9 years
Roxy does the same thing with her toys. Once a week, we'll gather up all her toys from under our bed, and put them in her toy box. One by one they eventually find their way back to under the bed. She clearly loves my husband more than me. I try to remind her all the time that I'm the one who brought her home from the pound, I'm the one who buys her all her food and toys, and I'm the one who takes her to the park but she really doesn't care. When she sees him, she goes NUTS. One day my husband looks at me and says "does it make you jealous that she loves me more than you." I said "no" but it totally does!
MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 9 years
Well, I have CATS, as do many others here. Believe it or not: cats play too! ;) Cupid loves to play with my boyfriend more because he is relentless and my boyfriend gives into him more than I do. But, I play better. :) As for fetch and things like that, they ALWAYS bring their toys to me because my boyfriend doesn't pay attention to them bringing him things. I always throw it for them. :)
lilegwene lilegwene 9 years
My yorkie will play with anyone, she loves it when someone pretends a stuffed animal is a real animal and moves it around for her to bite and chase. However, if she is playing with someone and I leave the room, she will stop and follow me. She needs to be close to me at all times -- which iss pretty adorable :)
natshea natshea 9 years
Just this evening my boyfriend and I were outside playing fetch with our dog Jacksyn. He defiantly favors me more and when my boyfriend would throw the ball, Jacksyn would bring it to me every time. I guess he's just a mommy's boy.
Spectra Spectra 9 years
Scout only plays fetch with me, even if my husband throws the ball. He throws it for her, she goes and gets it and brings it to me. When I stop throwing it for her, she'll pick up the ball and bring it back to me and drop it by my feet, wanting me to toss it again. My husband gets a kick out of watching her.
melizzle melizzle 9 years
Frankie loves visiting my parents and seeing her favorite playmate, their doberman Shane.
runnergeek runnergeek 9 years
i have to say i think max will play with anyone. he greets everyone at the door w/ a toy in his mouth. one day i came home and almost tripped over a toy that was at the foot of the door. turns out the maintenance guy had come over to fix something in the apt..and max must have brought a toy to him!
moonlissa moonlissa 9 years
This makes me feel so much better. My Sadie loves her uncle Matt with an enthusiasm that she never shows me. I truly am a little jealous!
insanitypepper insanitypepper 9 years
My dog loves, loves, loves my mother-in-law. He only sees her over the holidays, but he shows a level of unrestrained enthusiasm around her that he never approaches with my husband or me. The running, barking, chasing, and tug-of-war is nonstop! When he's put on a couple of pounds, we know that it's time to take him to grandma's.
fuzzles fuzzles 9 years
Oliver is very much a One Mama kind of cat. Usually, he is all about energy conservation, opting to lounge around and look stunning. But we do chase each other around and play peekaboo several times per week. :)
Aphrosette Aphrosette 9 years
I am home a lot more than my husband and I take both Auggie and Sammy to all their training classes so the dogs tend to follow me around more and be "more mine" however Daddy has a much long toleration span and throw distance for fetch so if he is in the mood, they lose all interest in me! (Or if he has a beer in his hand, they go after him too!)
BloodyFuFu BloodyFuFu 9 years
Harley plays with daddy because mommy breaks too easy. Her favorite is tug-o-war, but she cheats and whips her head side to side. That's my stopping point, it feels like it could pull my arm out of the socket. Love her to death, but man she plays rough!
Bettyesque Bettyesque 9 years
Brody loves ball and fetch with daddy... but I wrestle with him and he loves kicking my butt :rotfl:
wren1 wren1 9 years
Aww, that is a funny story about your dad. North must have missed you.
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