When North was just a puppy, I had to go to London for several weeks. Not wanting to leave my lil guy in care of strangers, I brought him to my parents' house for safekeeping. I checked in often, but one day my dad had a funny story to share. He decided to go into my bedroom and gather up all of North's toys (that I brought in a travel pack from my apartment), and bring them into the living room where my parents were sitting. I guess my pup watched my dad do this . . . and then, one by one, my silly pooch carried each of his toys back into the bedroom and came back into the living room and laid down. Ouch.

Clearly North was not feeling into playtime (and protective of his toys), but now my doggie often ignores me if I've got friends over. He tries to present his toys to them instead – I guess he loves his playtime any way he can get it or maybe he's giving me a break? Do your pups seem to favor playing with one person (or other pet) in particular or is it all equal on the homefront?