Hi, Mary . . . umm, I mean Terry. This Aldabra tortoise living at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo arrived in 1955 and, since then, keepers assumed he was a she. Since these reptiles' reproductive organs are not usually visible, it took more than 50 years 'til they've got her gender lined up right, so he's now known as Terry instead.

This confusing situation got me thinking: with pets like fish, lizards, small mammals, or even stray cats, sometimes people assume a pet is one gender only to find out later she's something else entirely — that is if they ever find out for sure. I know I'm not the only one with a salamander named Sam (that could have properly been a Samuel or a Samantha) — so share your stories of pets with gender-specific names and unknown (or noncorresponding) genders in the comments below.

Source: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo