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Do Tell: Have You Suffered an Allergy in the Name of Love?

I know it would take something bigger than a new guy to shove my number one out of my life, but cat allergies are more common and typically more severe than dog ones. Which brings us to this adorable feline — she needs a new home since her owner is moving in with a new girlfriend who's just not that into cats and allergic!

It's a tough situation, but I'm curious to hear from you — ever sacrificed a pet or sucked it up to save a relationship? (Oh, and if you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, shoot me a PM to hear more about this soon-to-be-homeless cat.)

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michelleyk michelleyk 7 years
I always joke that pet allergies are a deal breaker with me. I couldn't live without my pets (2 cats and a dog). They keep me sane, which makes me a better person in relationship.
Desert Desert 7 years
Yup, my partner and I are both allergic to cats (but not seriously so) and we've got 3.
Choco-cat Choco-cat 7 years
yep. i have a slight allergy to cats and my husband has big allergies to cats and we still have 2!
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
I totally had two cats (Fred and Barney) that I loved! I developed allergies to them about 2 years after I got them. Once the asthma attacks got so bad that I ended up being hospitalized, I had to find them a new home, which broke my heart. The doctor told me they'd be the death of me if I didn't. Then I met my husband who loves cats and dogs but only ever wanted to own cats. I talked him into dogs and now I've developed allergies to dogs too! I love our two dogs (they're my kids) and refuse to get rid of them. I would rather vacuum every day and take my 5 allergy/asthma medicines daily than get rid of them. So yeah - my husband had to sacrifice his cat (he left it with his parents) and I am unwilling to give up my dogs for my allergies.
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