Even if you aren't totally into The Hills, or missed last night's episode, I've already confided that I was fingers crossed to see the rascally pup, Chloe. Sadly, she didn't make an appearance last night, but the doggie was mentioned – I'll relay the events below and I want to hear how you would handle a similar situation.
Two roommates (Lauren and Lo) threw a birthday party for a third roommate (Audrina). Now there's no love lost between Lo, Audrina, and her friends and, at one point, Lo disappears. A short while later, Lauren asks where she was and Lo nonchalantly mentions she was simply upstairs playing with the dog. Hmmm.

Now my home isn't big enough for me to hide away during a party, and I've got no roommates to have guests over that I don't care for, but I've witnessed similar reactions. In fact one close friend always seems to take a loooong walk with her pooch whenever one of her boyfriend's friends (that she doesn't care for) decides to stop by. Have you ever tried this tactic?