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Do Tell: How Do You Treat Icy Sidewalks?

I've already mentioned the dangers of ice melts but what do you do when faced with steps full of snow?! I want to hear your best recommendations for environmentally (and pet) safe products to prevent slipping in wintry weather.

I know that some people use eco-tastic sand, grit, or gravel to add traction but keep plants and waterways safe, yet I imagine that can get kinda muddy, too. If you've made a home in a place with the white stuff, what will you sprinkle on the steps, driveway, and sidewalk this season?


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Silje Silje 8 years
Here in Norway we use sand or gravel, almost never salt because it's too cold for it over here. No problems with mud, if you don't overdo it, that is.
Spectra Spectra 8 years
We actually use the ashes from the fireplace. I know it sounds weird, but they're alkaline and they melt the snow (not as well as salt though) and the runoff is harmless and actually is good for the plants. The only thing is that it's sort of messy; you have to really wipe your feet well before you come back inside.
mfern64 mfern64 8 years
We use regular snow melting salt. We take Chloe out back for fresh air and potty breaks. So that she gets enough exercise we play with her more indoors and run around the house.
klreynol klreynol 8 years
We always take Logan out the back and he never goes on the front steps that we salt, so we use regular ice melt. Of course, whenever we get back from a walk I check his paws for salt from other people's sidewalks and ice, and he gets paw balm rubbed in them so they don't crack! =)
Katydid620 Katydid620 8 years
I use Safe step ice melter. Its safe for pets and the environment. But I still check my dogs paws when they walk on it to make sure it doesn't get stuck between the pads of their feet even though it says its safe for them.
fleurfairy fleurfairy 8 years
Salt. It's the best (and cleanest) way to prevent slippage and my dog has never once tried to eat it. I'm talking about the salt they use on the roads. Not table salt.
telewyo telewyo 8 years
I use stuff called SafePaw that's safe for pets and for the environment too. I get mine at PetSmart but someone said they have it at Walmart too.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
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