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On my way to grab some bagels over the weekend, I passed by a popular cafe, typically featuring lines out the door and full sidewalk tables every sunny afternoon. In addition to the eight dogs (not that I was counting), I also spotted a gray cat on a harness and leash! My friend and I were shocked 'cause, not only was this kitty just relaxing calmly, there were tons of dogs, people and noises sure to spook most felines I know. Now while some love leashed walks in the privacy of your own backyard, but would any cat you own sit still for a weekend meal outside?


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cally8980 cally8980 8 years
My cat would spit directly in my eye if I tried to pull that.
SeptemberLights SeptemberLights 8 years
I take my cat out on walks all the time! He is about 7 months old and we started when he was 3 months. I decided it was time to take him outside when he would not stop climbing the screen door.... regardless he is a very quick kitty. We live in an apartment building with lots of small dogs so we usually take him out at night or in the afternoons. I bought a 25ft leash and just sit down on the park bench in the courtyard and let him go wherever he wants. We have gotten some funny looks but most people are just curious and think its funny.
runningesq runningesq 8 years
my cats would kill me. no, seriously. they would wait until I was asleep, and then kill me.
witchbaby witchbaby 8 years
i wanted to train my cat to get on a leash but i dont think he would like it. :\
psterling psterling 8 years
Of my 3 cats, one wouldn't be phased by the commotion around her but definitely wouldn't want to stay put for long and another (who looks just like the picture!) would have a heart attack!
Calimie Calimie 8 years
I saw that once, the owner and the cat were walking down the street with the leash with no problem at all. It was so unusual...
ang1885 ang1885 8 years
I know of some small dogs that are more afraid of sounds and big dogs and their shadow and of some very brave or very weird cats that never give a damn about anything! lol So I think it depends on the animal. Plus, I think every owner is worried about how their pet will do in public and think about it and test it out before taking them out.
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