Last night I enjoyed a relaxing evening with some friends at one of our fave wine bars. It's in an old warehouse-type space so the windows are not at street – or seat – level. As we're chatting at our table by the door, I happened to look up as someone was coming in and saw a beautiful, fluffy Golden Retriever tied to a parking meter. Eeks! It gets pretty chilly here in SF at night and I certainly wouldn't want to sit outside. And, of course, once we spotted the pooch, we couldn't take our eyes off of her – each time someone came into the place, we would check to see if the dog was still there. It was at least 40 minutes from when we first noticed her to when we left . . . and, sure enough, she was still there when we walked out. To hear the rest,


It made me very upset that someone would feel the need to take their dog and tie her out while they were apparently enjoying what was much more than one quick drink. I couldn't understand why they didn't just leave Kona (yup, I checked the tag) at home! After pondering the possible actions we could take ranging from going back in and talking to the bartender to calling the phone number on the tag, I couldn't bring myself to start an altercation. Yes, my interpretation was that it was too cold to leave a dog sitting outside and that it was a mean thing to do (in addition to being borderline illegal), but who am I to tell other people how to treat their pets. Right? I got home and couldn't get this pup off my mind, so tell me – how would you have handled this situation?