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Do Tell: What Song Would You Make Up Wild Lyrics To?

There are some songs that get so much radio play, you can practically memorize the lyrics in no time like the Black Eyed Peas's catchy Boom Boom Pow. With such a funny concept, it's easy to satirize — my Twitter pals, cookieandputter sing:

I like that Boom Boom Meow, These kitties jackin my pounce, They try to steal my mouseys, I'm on that next nip now.

Now every time I hear the catchy tune, I want to sing along "Gotta get cat, cat, cat."

Just for fun, check out this silly clip — no cats were harmed! — they agree Boom Boom Meow is hysterical, but as the video says: "Boom Boom Bark? No way."

From current pop songs to Christmas tunes featuring barking dogs in lieu of voices, what lyrics or titles would you rewrite to feature furry, feathered, or fishy friends?

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sentineltree sentineltree 7 years
i've been doing this sort of thing for years, replacing the words to popular songs to something about mine or my parent's cats. the latest is for Lady Gaga's 'love game': lets play a fluff game, play a fluff game...etc.
acemonkey acemonkey 7 years
My husband and I used to sing Brass Monkey to my cat Ace Monkey (R.I.P. little monkey) and change the words to Ace Monkey instead of Brass Monkey.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
My dog Benny exudes confidence and seems to always be striking a pose. My hubby and I joke that he knows he's good looking. There's this one section of sidewalk on his daily walks where he always struts with his head high and chest out and my hubby and I always sing Right Said Fred's "I'm too sexy". It fits Benny perfectly and we change the lyrics from "on the cat walk" to "on the puppy walk". My other puppy, Maia, she's a very happy dog who gets so excited that she wriggles her whole body. For her, we sing The Pointer Sister's "I'm so Excited..I just can't hide it". We also imagine that if we could use music while she was competing in agility, we'd use William Tell because she is one crazy, fast puppy!
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