I certainly don't know many kitties that would turn down some fresh fish as a treat . . . and I can't be the only one with the iconic cartoon image of a cat lapping milk in my head. However, a recent post on Dolittler (my go-to site for a behind-the-scenes vet perspective) got me thinking: Are there really vegan pets out there?Seems that converting pets – especially cats – to a vegetarian or even the veggies only diet (with no milk or egg proteins for vegans) is a risky choice but one that some still consider. Dr. Patty Khuly writes:

Cats' bodies (specifically, their gastrointestinal tracts) are not ideally suited to digesting non-meat foods. Though they may seem to do well on these diets once they’ve acclimated to them, the long-term effects of feeding feline diets that lack animal proteins have not been established.

Now it's one thing if you have a pet that would choose the vegetarian option in the wild (goats, rabbits, chickens, etc.) but it doesn't seem fair to impose personal beliefs that could endanger your animals' health in the process? What's your take?