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Can you pick North out of that picture? Although I consider myself pretty good at naming dog breeds, I'm always shocked by the number of people who get confused seeing my lil pup. He begrudgingly endures "I looove Pugs" or "What a cute Frenchie" at least once a week, but the funniest story comes from our days in NYC.There was an issue with my tub's leaky pipes so a plumber (supervised by the super) had to come in to fix them. On the afternoon of the appointment day, I get a phone call from my building's management company informing me that he could not fix the problem and had to leave because of my (and I do quote) "vicious pit-bull puppy." Umm, yeah, that would be North. In his crate . . . and obviously freaking out because strangers came in and didn't let him out to play!

Trying not to be outraged at the stereotype behind the "vicious pit bull" statement, I had to explain to management that I had a crated, 15-pound Boston Terrier surely hellbent on "death by kisses" and go home on my lunch break to sit with them while they fixed it the next day. Do you have people misidentifying your pups as well? Share in the comments below!

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MrsJavens MrsJavens 8 years
My pure pred merle great dane is always mistaken for a dalmation! gah!! [IMG][/IMG]
bluebrooke11 bluebrooke11 8 years
My pure breed beagle has always been consider a beagle, and always will be. My bichon frise is always confuzzled for a poodle, since people have probably never even heard of bichons :(
sonya-ina sonya-ina 8 years
I have a black purebreed pug, and people always say they've never seen a black pug before and think he's some sort of bulldog or a boston terrier... silly!
girlie871 girlie871 8 years
my chihuahua princess was mistaken for a baby pit when she was a puppy. she was wearing a sweater and strutting her stuff. she always holds her head high so i guess maybe.. ?
lyssa88 lyssa88 8 years
haha I read the comment above me. some people obviously don't know about dog breeds. a rottweiler and german shepard look nothing alike.
lyssa88 lyssa88 8 years
my dog is a pomeranian. she is small like one (weighs under five pounds) and is a petite little girl. people have asked me before if she was a chihuahua. that was back before her hair started to really come in. if someone asked if she was a chihuahua now I would get angry.
la-dee-da-dee la-dee-da-dee 8 years
My rottie gets mistaken for a german shepard...?????... I dunno why even by a pet store employee or mixed with something although he's pure bred. And my pit was mistaken for a bulldog but only when he was a round chubby puppy!
retail-counselor retail-counselor 8 years
*My boyfriend and I have a pure bread American Bulldog, which people usually assume is a Pit Bull. Although she does have a very similar stature, their faces are quite different. A lady in PetSmart argued with me because she 'knew' Zoie was a Pit Bull. Sorry lady, I have her papers at home...* ♥
cplast cplast 8 years
i get excited when people come up to me and mac and say 'oh is that a frenchie??' because it very rarely happens! usually people think he is a pug or a boston terrier, or some people just have no idea. i dont mind though because i can totally understand the confusion, especially if you aren't familiar with the smooshy face breeds. since i am totally obsessed with frenchies i can spot one from a mile away.. i think the best way to tell them apart from bostons is their body. bostons have longer legs and are leaner, frenchies are more stumpy and have broader shoulders.
Sundaydrive Sundaydrive 9 years
No one has ever mistaken Luna for another breed, but a lot of people do seem to ask me what she is... She's a beagle, looks like a beagle, acts like a beagle..
ElleJay ElleJay 9 years
My Raja (a siberian husky) has obviously gotten mistaken as an Alaskan Malamute (even though she's soo small!) and once someone asked if she was a german shepherd!
pinky5 pinky5 9 years
My silver lab harley is always getting mistaken for a weimeraner, and everytime we tell them she is a lab they always say oh no she must have been mixed. It is very frustrating.
caligirl caligirl 9 years
When my English Bulldog was a puppy, people constantly asked if he was a boxer... I think maybe because he wasn't as chubby as bulldogs usually are? C'mon people, really? Bulldogs are pretty recognizable
wren1 wren1 9 years
People sometimes think that my Italian Greyhound is a Chihuahua.
Jewels2080 Jewels2080 9 years
I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and I was dog sitting my Dad's Cocker Spaniel for a week about a month ago. When I took them both for a walk this couple stopped and said what cute cockers! I normally don't mind, but it is pretty obvious when they are standing next to each other that they are different breeds.
cubadog cubadog 9 years
Cuba is a purebred Doxie papers and all. People usually think he is old because he is a dapple I always have to say no he's 4.
JessNess JessNess 9 years
My dad had a purebred boxer and kids used to always think that she was a pit bull. They would act scared and run away. It actually used to piss me off because of the lack of education that children receive about dogs. I would stop walking the dog and make the kids come over and tell them about her, pet her and see that she is not going to attack. Then I would give them a little pit bull education too because they are a misunderstood breed.
mt3995 mt3995 9 years
I have 3 dogs of the same breed. They are Chinese Crested. 2 powderpuff (shaved like hairless) and 1 hairless. People always say one is the cutest Maltese, the other a Poodle, and my hairless they have no idea what he is. I find it quite funny when I tell them my dogs are the same breed!
colormesticky colormesticky 9 years
People call my Frenchies pugs all the time. I don't see a resemblance, and I wonder how people can mix them up. When someone says they look like a Boston I say they can tell them apart because bulldogs are a lot thicker than Bostons. The bigger one sometimes gets questions about whether he's crossed with a pit bull because he's so big and lean. But nope. Just a really bigass Frenchie.
Jillz1128 Jillz1128 9 years
On a side note, I'm not sure why they couldn't just ignore him while they were there. I mean, he is in the crate, so why worry about him? He can't get out or attack them!
mnp mnp 9 years
People think Fuji is a terrier because I keep his fur really short. And when people see shih tzu's they are usually so tiny but Fuji is a normal size shih tzu.
Jillz1128 Jillz1128 9 years
I have gotten that people think my Cavalier is a Brittany puppy, which I guess I can see because the coloring is similar and they are both spaniel type dogs. No one mistakes my chocolate Lab.
kiwitwist kiwitwist 9 years
I get annoyed when ppl think Storm is a mutt... she is a Mini Australian Shepherd. Since she is a red merle, ppl find that confusing.
verily verily 9 years
Nah. No one ever mistakes my roommate's lab mix for anything other than a lab. Labs are very distinctive looking I think. People might be thrown off by my parent's doberman mix. She's very very dobie-looking but they left her tail long and her ears natural.
eadavenp eadavenp 9 years
my dog isn't purebred so i can't comment on that, but I ALWAYS find somewhere else for her to go when maitenance or cleaning people are coming to my house. She has wicked anxiety and I wouldn't want her to harass the poor workers by barking and crate escaping when she freaks out at strangers in the house. Either I'm home and I'll take her out for walk when they are around, or I drop her off at doggie daycare or my bf's house.
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