Can you pick North out of that picture? Although I consider myself pretty good at naming dog breeds, I'm always shocked by the number of people who get confused seeing my lil pup. He begrudgingly endures "I looove Pugs" or "What a cute Frenchie" at least once a week, but the funniest story comes from our days in NYC.There was an issue with my tub's leaky pipes so a plumber (supervised by the super) had to come in to fix them. On the afternoon of the appointment day, I get a phone call from my building's management company informing me that he could not fix the problem and had to leave because of my (and I do quote) "vicious pit-bull puppy." Umm, yeah, that would be North. In his crate . . . and obviously freaking out because strangers came in and didn't let him out to play!

Trying not to be outraged at the stereotype behind the "vicious pit bull" statement, I had to explain to management that I had a crated, 15-pound Boston Terrier surely hellbent on "death by kisses" and go home on my lunch break to sit with them while they fixed it the next day. Do you have people misidentifying your pups as well? Share in the comments below!

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