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While much of the nation was captivated with yesterday's inauguration, I couldn't help but continue to wonder about the First Dog-to-be, especially now that the family's all moved into the White House. The Obamas are still sticking to their rescue dog preferences, saying that either a Labradoodle or Portuguese Water Dog are top picks because of their daughter's allergies.

Some people consider those breeds to be "hypoallergenic" because of the limited shedding, yet others claim that the main allergen is excreted as sweat and secreted into the saliva making essentially no dog safe. What do you think?


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aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
It's not the hair, it's the skin flakes and saliva that is in the dander people are allergic to. :oy:
Lukin Lukin 8 years
I'm sure that some people's allergies are much more sensitive to pets than others. My mom is very allergic to longer-haired dogs that shed, but she's never had a problem with her own "hypoallergenic" dog. Because the Obamas are getting a dog, I'd assume that their daughter just has a general sensitivity to dogs like golden retrievers or collies.
bluesarahlou bluesarahlou 8 years
I think hypoallergenic is a buzz word that's kinda lost its meaning. Like Aphrosette said, it's the dander that people are allergic to. And since dogs have different types of dander, you might be allergic to one but not the other.
Aphrosette Aphrosette 8 years
Ask any doctor, especially an allergist....there is no such thing as hypoallergenic pets. You're allergic to their dander and some just produce more dander than others, and it all depends on the type of fur/hair they have. I'm allergic to dogs and have two cockapoos (supposedly hypoallergenic dogs) and I'm allergic to them too, but I just don't have as bad reactions. Its still enough to get me allergy therapy from a doctor though.....its the only true solution for allergic pet lovers!!
DarlingDA DarlingDA 8 years
"Hypoallergenic" doesn't mean completely devoid of allergens, it just means there is a much lower chance of reacting to the dog, so, yes, there are hypoallergenic dogs, but no nonallergenic dogs.
resamac resamac 8 years
My dog is supposedly hypoallergenic... Some people break out in weird rashes being around her for a while... like people who aren't allergic to dogs. Which is weird... I didn't get her because she was "hypoallergenic" I just fell in love with her.
deanMartin deanMartin 8 years
i have a hypoallergenic pet. the not shedding doesn't mean his hair doesn't fall out. he's just like everyone else, we all shed. the difference is that when his fur disconnects from his skin it stays stuck in the rest of the fur instead of falling off. you then have to pull it all out, which he loves by the way. some people refer to this as stripping the coat. far as i can tell the only difference is the house is cleaner. they should be referred to as something else, the people who aren't allergic to this are probably quite few. i mean really i shed hair all over all the time and no one professes to be allergic to me:) my daughter is allergic to all new animals, after a few days with them she becomes accustomed or immune. to just that animal, another new one and it starts all over again, for a few days. deanmartin wasn't very pleased by this at all, he loved stealing her tissues so she would chase him down, when the allergies stopped so did the tissue stealing lol
danizzle danizzle 8 years
my friend had a hypoallergenic long haired cat ( i cant remember the breed) and her old roommate would break out in hives if any other animal was around, but this special LONG HAIRED cat did not even bother his allergies at all!
mnp mnp 8 years
I think hypoallergenic is needs a better definition. All dogs/cats shed fur and give off dander but it seems like certain breeds shed less of it. I'm allergic to cats and most dogs but shih tzu's seem to work fine for me. I only start to sneeze and get water eyes if Fuji hasn't been bathed for a while. I bathe Fuji almost every other week.
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
Certain cats send my allergies into fits. As long as I take my allergy medication, then my cat doesn't bother me. But I just don't see hypoallergenic pets being a reality.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 8 years
I am allergic to dogs, lol but I own TWO! I can't have them licking me all over and if they lay on me I get hives everywhere but I can still lvoe them :) I think that as time goes on with your dog, too, you become more immune to them. If some new dog licked my face I would break out in hives all over, but I can stand my dogs to a certain extent. ALSO, I don't believe in hypoallergenic because 9 times out of 10 it's the dandar or saliva you are allergic to, and not the fur.
wakeupandora wakeupandora 8 years
I would be OVERJOYED if I could find a cat that was actually hypoallergenic! I love cats, but their fur dander kills me...
lilegwene lilegwene 8 years
I'm allergic to dogs (/cry), but I can hold my yorkie up to my face and cuddle her and be fine, but our pomeranian or our mutt I have to wash my hands after petting them or I get itchy eyes/sneezy.all the lovely allergy symptoms. I definitely believe some dogs are hypoallergenic.
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