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Do Tell: City Dwellers More Likely to Treat Pets Like Kids Than Country Cousins

Well, considering a pet to be your child isn't a new topic for PetSugar, but this recent study has a special twist! A professor at Indiana University found that your furry friend's family status can come from where you currently reside.

David Blouin, an assistant professor in the sociology and anthropology department at Indiana University, explained:

People who regard pets as children tend to have a city background, for example, while those in rural areas have a more practical attitude. To think of pets as just another animal is not uncommon in rural areas, which makes sense given the utilitarian relationships people in rural areas are more likely to have with a range of different animals — from farm to wild animals.

Whether you live in a bustling city or a quieter village, share your opinion as it relates to your place of residence in the comments below!

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Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 6 years
Where do suburbs (where I live now) and low-income areas (where I grew up) fit in to all this? I don't treat my pets (cat, dog, and fish) like kids. I treat them like pets I treat them like beloved, cherished pets; but pets nonetheless. They don't get table scraps, they stay off the table, they only go to places where pets are allowed, and they don't dress up (unless the actual child puts her dress-up jewelry on them). The dog, particularly, is aware of her status as a pet. She does not demand attention or food; she gets it when I decide to give it to her. She does not decide when she goes outside. She does not decide where we walk. She is a dog, and she is my subordinate in our "pack." That being said, I give her treats and attention very often, just because she's so darn cute and she's such a good dog. I'm pretty sure the cat just thinks I'm an employee, but whatever.
Skeptic52 Skeptic52 6 years
Well, duh. You never see animals WORK when you're in the city, and it's actually a beautiful and impressive thing to see animals who do their instinctive thing. So, you see them as just pets, really. Plus, you get stuck with them being inside all the time and just acting like a person, since that's their only real option. Not to knock the city, I've lived in both places, and you couldn't drag me away from the city now. I even sprung for the overly priced tiny house with a tiny yard just to stay in the city. So, my pets are definitely on the spoiled, people side. But, I still know that the Weim yearns for what her instincts tell her to do, so I try to get her out a lot. I also know one of the cats still LOVES to hunt.
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