While I obviously know North can't help me decide what to eat for dinner, I still love the way he cocks his head to the side when I talk to him. Even though I sometimes chat him up, I can't say I have long, one-sided discussions with him . . . unlike Amanda Lorber on the MTV show, The Paper.

Don't you think her Westie, Gaby, has the most priceless expressions?! It's almost like the pooch is actually listening . . . but still, doesn't really care what's being said. However, it turns out she was actually speaking to her dog in order to not appear to be addressing the camera:

"I was always very hyperaware of the cameras being there," Lorber said. "I don't really talk to my dog all that much, that's so that I'm not looking directly at the camera. I didn't want to look like I was talking to myself, so we figured out I could talk to my dog."

How about you – do you chat it up with your pet even if no cameras are rolling?