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Do You Want a Perpetual Pet?

Look closely – can you tell which of the above pets is alive? If not, then that's the whole point! Enter Perpetual Pet, a company that freeze-dries your pet after she passes. Without going into too many morbid details, you can choose to preserve your pet's entire body in a natural state, not just the outer hide (like taxidermy). To get started, your pet is put in a sealed vacuum chamber at a very low temp and, over time, the accumulating frozen moisture is converted into a gaseous state then extracted – taking over six months for larger dogs. Unsurprisingly, the price for this process is not cheap; the service starts at $395 for pets weighing zero to three pounds up to $595 for 10 pounds (with $50 extra for each additional pound). Just when I truly thought I had heard of everything, up popped this company. Oh, and about that question I started with – both Trigger and Tiny are now perpetual pets.


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bradford64 bradford64 5 years
I found this site in desparation after loosing one of the Greatest Gifts Of Love that God ever gave me. Having Lost every thing I have ever loved, I couldn't bear to give up another. He died too young and His Love and Beauty was simply Heaven on earth each day I looked at Him. Life has never afforded me to be traditional so I have had to accept things that most people would certainly snear at. I can't let him go and though it may be selfish, I can still have him. I always planned on us being buried together and this may be the very way of accomplishing this dream. I can't image ever being without my sweet little boy. Thanks to this new process, we can always be together. This may be the only thing that will save my life because I couldn't imagine life without him now or ever.
pineappleblonde pineappleblonde 8 years
I would do this, I just don't know where I would put them afterwards.
Nature-Lover Nature-Lover 8 years
I think that no one should judge how other people grieve for their deceased companion animals. There is nothing inherently wrong or bizarre in needing to preserve your animal. I just suffered the sudden loss of my cat who was like a daughter to me. And I am cosidering having her preserved for several reasons. Npne of which has to do with not being able to deal with death. I chose not to cremate this cat. One could argue that cremation is just as disturbing as preserving an animal. I do not live in a place where I can bury my cat. So I needed a way to retain her for several years. I see that there is a great deal of prejudice against those who choose not to cremate.
nkaminsk1 nkaminsk1 8 years
How very close minded many of you are. As it happens, I am getting this done w/ my 19 year old cat by this same lady. I go to pick him up this weekend. What we are really dealing with is Taboos. If any of you care to enlighten yourselves you will see that many cultures have what most of you would term disgusting and wrong traditions. The truth is, there are those that think your way is disgusting or disrespectful, such as the practice of embalming, most of the world does not do this so it is a matter of perspective. There is a tribe in Africa where a women wears the dried foot of her late husband around her neck or in the Philippines families live in the crowded cemeteries among the dead & even eat off coffins. Nobody should be making the kind of judgments I see in the comments. It is fine to say, " It's not for me, this is how I feel about for myself" but I do not feel the way you feel about death and I do not see the process from your eyes, therefore it is not creepy, gross, disrespectful, or really ANY of the things people have said. I view death similar to Native Americans, I have a deep respect for the spirit as well as the spirit's container. I'm also highly empathic, when I hold remains it is a very spiritual & calming experience for me. Ever since I was little & would play in the woods behind my parent's house I would find animal remains, usually turtles or small bones and I felt compelled to collect them. I would think, "some poor animal has died & no one will ever know what this individual life was like, who will remember their sacrifice". I have also experienced deaths at least 100 times throughout my life b/c I have always had a lot of of animals (used to have in/outdoor cats that caught a lot of small animals) and being an animal lover I have had many jobs working w/ them. Naturally this lead to a major in Fisheries & Wildlife in college and I will tell you, there is a lot that remains can say about an animal! I like the freeze dry process b/c it DOES preserve much of the tissue & bones (they remove most of the internal organs but not the brain), to me, that is paying the highest respect to the individual spirit. I like that Pepper is also preserved for posterity, for science, & for education. I feel confident that I could have the ability to clone him still and I'm absolutely fascinated w/ the idea of having 1st hand experience of nurture vs. nature. How would knowing that he was prone to develop kidney stones/GI problems change things? So many possibilities. Further, clearly many of you don't know about the American human funeral process and it may not matter if your cremated & still have a viewing. Not to mention that autopsy are often preformed on people too b4 temporary preservation. I have so much more to say but this is already too long. One last thing, when I die, I WOULD be honored if my husband would have my tattoos (and the skin underneath) preserved, framed & hung on the wall, but he wants no part of it, lol. To each, his own!
Alisha_Stiletto Alisha_Stiletto 9 years
Um, some people just really need a hug. Why Why WHY?
peepshow peepshow 9 years
Okay. Wait a minute. Think about that for a minute: when the pet is dead, hopefully it's old. It's not the same as when it was young and actually cute. It's not the same pet that was in it's prime. (Sorry in advance if that offended...I have animals and I love them all, and when they get old and not-so-cute I will still love them and do the best for them. But when they start losing teeth and hair, cataracts, etc... I don't want to remember them THAT way.)
tiabia tiabia 9 years
I'm going to have to pass on the Perpetual Pet. While I definitely do miss having my Tensil around, it's beyond the physical body, it's the interactions that we had together and the little movements or twitches that he had that I missed...and a freeze-dried or taxidermied dog just doesn't fill that spot. I'm actually happy with having Tensil's ashes in our little alcove with his picture. I pass it everyday, and it always brings me fond and happy memories :-)
megafie megafie 9 years
That is so creepy. I wouldn't stuff a human member of my family after their passing - why do it to a pet? Let them rest in peace.
xxangelobello xxangelobello 9 years
CaterpillarGirl's comment also made me tear a bit... my dog, Ellie, is the reason I didn't go to college far away and I've spent so much of my money on gas and parking to come home and see her every weekend (and sometimes more because I can't stand it). She follows me everywhere, sleeps with me every night, doesn't eat when I'm gone and I'm so scared that when she dies I'm never talk to anyone again lol I was thinking of maybe getting another dog so that when she passes it won't be as bad going from 1 dog to no dog, rather than 2 dogs to 1 dog... I'm not sure though, I'm always worried she'll feel like I don't love her as much or something... I sound pretty crazy right about now. haha
pargie pargie 9 years
Wrong on so many levels.
RYbka252 RYbka252 9 years
teknodukk teknodukk 9 years
When I was little, my friend's mom had this done to their cat and put it at her bedside. I was always so creeped out by it, but my friend didn't seem to mind!
yes-jess yes-jess 9 years
CaterpillarGirl, I'm so sorry and you actually made me cry just thinking about what you were going through. I've never been there and I pray that I never have to make such a difficult decision.
sugarbecky sugarbecky 9 years
This is absolutely the worst thing you could do for your pet. Imagine Grandma sitting in the corner, stuffed and staring!!! Ew!! Once it's their timeto go, you just have to let go. I've cried {A LOT} more over pets' deaths than relatives, but I couldn't bare for any of them to be stuffed, that's just not right.
terrywagner123 terrywagner123 9 years
no way, meow.
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 9 years
Omg lol I accidentally voted maybe, then I saw how off the poll was an realized this was about stuffing not cloning! I think cloning is less creepy because honestly I think about it more like a twin brother or sister, a sibling, and there is one pet I would consider doing it with. Luckily, there are plenty of good animals in the shelter though, so until we solve the overpopulation problem I will never have to worry about "replacing" a pet.
mollywog mollywog 9 years
ick!! I'm a total pet lover, particularly cats, and I would NEVER do this. The last 2 cats that I had to have put to sleep, one because she was 22 and was literally getting lost in corners and couldn't use the litter box any more, and another that had kidney cancer that finally won after several thousand dollars worth of chemo (which did make him better for almost a year so it was worth it in my mind) I talked to the vet and found out that I could donate their bodies to colleges that had vet schools, so that's what I did. Might sound a little bit cold hearted, but just knowing that maybe they might find something that would help other cats or even just helping new vets get trained well, really helped.
saxprincesslea saxprincesslea 9 years
tglynn tglynn 9 years
THAT'S HORRIBLE! Ethics, morals, just shot out the window right there....
phatE phatE 9 years
this is so NOT about how much you love your pet. I love my dog more than life itself. literally, i am obsessive, would throw myself in front of a car for her, etc. losing a pet is losing a family member (for obsessive dog lovers like me) i wouldn't want to freeze dry a family member, why the hell would i want to do that to my dog??
GiggleSugar GiggleSugar 9 years
Creepy! I had a friend who wanted to do this to her cat...:ghost:
foxie foxie 9 years
Gross. As. Hell. Give the money to the local shelter instead!
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