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Uh-oh, little smooshy Samson has a problem, and the name is pollen! LilPeaPod took Samson to the vet over the long weekend, having lately noticed lots of sneezing, droopy and goopy eyes, and one other interesting symptom: red, itchy paws. After a few painless skin tests, she found out that Samson has allergies!

Right now is the height of pollen season, and allergies aren't just for humans. Your pets can inhale lots of pollen as they walk with their noses to the ground and even be allergic to grass, just like Samson is. If you notice your pets licking their paws, scratching their face, or even an extra wet nose in the Spring and Summer, they may have allergies. Thankfully, it can be relieved with (pet-safe) antihistamines so your pets can enjoy the fruits of Spring, just like the rest of us.

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klreynol klreynol 7 years
Logan has seasonal allergies. We can tell when they're give him trouble because he'll roll on his back and itch the top of his head, and bite at his paws. A benadryl is all it takes to keep them at bay, thank goodness!
moonlissa moonlissa 7 years
Sadie has not been officially diagnosed, but I have switched her to grain free food and treats. It has helped her "stomach problems"!
Renees3 Renees3 7 years
I think you should do a post on what to do if your pet has a sudden allergic reaction. B-Bop has been attacked by fire ants twice now. The first time we went to the vet and he gave him steroids and benadryl the second time we couldn't take him anywhere so just gave him beandryl which worked. His whole face and chest was swollen and covered in bites. His trainer said you can give Benadryl but it should be 1mg for every pound. the little pink pills I think are 25 so we cut it in half for him. It was very scary though!
hinkey hinkey 7 years
My dog is allergic to peanuts. She knows it too. We went to pet bakery and they wanted to give her samples with peanut butter and she turned up her nose. I told them she was allergic and they gave her something else which she immediatly gobbled up.
ladyr ladyr 7 years
One of my dogs has nasty seasonal allergies. Last year was the worst, poor guy!
opisnowpro opisnowpro 7 years
my frenchi Bruno has it, sometimes I have to do more than just give him a he is eating hipoallergenic food (pellets) and he is much much better.....
Blackthorne Blackthorne 7 years
No allergies for my current pets, but my late papillon, Del, had a horrible case of flea allergies. It literally took one flea bite to have him an oozing, thin furred mess. Thankfully, there is a few steroidal conditioners that helped his condition.
starangel82 starangel82 7 years
My childhood dog was allergic to grass. His poor belly and paws get so red in the spring/summer. Fortunately, my cat doesn't have allergies. Unfortunately, she just gets my allergies kicking in the spring.
Beauty Beauty 7 years
Yes, poor Minou has been sneezing like crazy lately. We notice that it's worse when the windows are open. Poor Mr. Minoudles!
MartiniLush MartiniLush 7 years
I just can't get over how adorable Samson is!! :P
ang1885 ang1885 7 years
My cat has allergies that give her ear infections. I think she's allergic to her food but the vet said it could be anything.
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