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I don't know if I'm completely on board with its claims, since I don't have a proper test subject of my own, but the Cat Adventure Video ($20) I caught on Barker and Meowsky is supposedly riveting enough to keep your felines focused on the tube while you're away. Marketed as a virtual cat sitter, images of birds, squirrels, and other wildlife creatures tantalize their senses – kinda like a National Geographic show for cats I suppose. Although I have to mention it's looking a little outdated – is that a VHS?

I know I find North enraptured for a few seconds when Greatest American Dog hits the screen (I think it's mostly the sound of the barking contestants), so I suppose the idea is the same for kitties watching birds and other animals they would like to pounce. Has anyone ever used a video like this for his or her cats? How did they react?

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glass-aliens glass-aliens 5 years
I have this exact same VHS. When we tried playing it with one of our cats in the room, she actually sat in front of the screen and was watching the movement of the different animals. She seemed to be interested in the fish, small birds, and squirrels, the most. She also tried to "catch" them several times.
fuzzles fuzzles 9 years
Oliver runs AWAY from spiders, and isn't all that interested on what goes on outside through our windows. I don't think he'd be enthusiastic about this particular video. But if there is a video about cat food and cat treats out there, you've got your man!
Stupidasscat Stupidasscat 9 years
I dont know about other peoples cats but mine sleep the whole time we're gone or play fight with eachother when they get that 5 minute burst of energy. Plus since when do cats need babysitters.
bbb1saa bbb1saa 9 years
My cat loves to try to touch anything that moves on the t.v. or on the computer screen, so I think she would love it.
CoralAmber CoralAmber 9 years
I would love one if they would really keeps the cat's interest.
rainonme224 rainonme224 9 years
My cat would probably attack our tv screen, she goes crazy when a bird or any kind of animal goes near the windows. I have huge holes in my screens from her trying to get them. I definitely wouldn't put this video on for her lol
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