Remember that scene in Home Alone where the burglars come in through the pet door? I always wondered what it would be like to own a place with a safe, fenced backyard that my pooch could venture to on a whim. Now, it's still far from my reality, but when I'm thinking of my dream home, it seems the flap covering for North is a thing of the past – check out how high tech the Pet Doorway looks?! Coming in three sizes ($395-$695) for pets up to 250 pounds, your pampered pal walks up after playtime and a special collar sensor triggers the door open for him – presto, no I.D. necessary! I imagine it's most often used for dogs or cats, but can also be used for rabbits, iguanas, or even pigeons . . . although I'm trying to keep those out! I'm still dreaming big here, are you?