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Does Your Dog Have a Favorite Tennis Ball Size?

Let's get the ball rolling in '09! It's important to have the right tennis toss for those wintry afternoons of catch with your pet. That's not to say all animal sizes won't get a kick out of the standard ball, but the small tennies are more catch-worthy for lil mouths where they could be a choking hazard to the big dogs. From teeny tiny ones (usually 1.5-inch in diameter) to the super sized (5-inches in diameter), which ball do you think your pooch would like best?

cdmeggers cdmeggers 8 years
Bryan likes both the mini and standard sizes, especially if they squeak!
ladyr ladyr 8 years
They like any size, but they REALLY love the tennis balls that squeek!
lemonbars lemonbars 8 years
My parents Shih Tzu likes the mini ones because with his short snout, he can't really get his mouth around the standard size ones, haha.
bethinabox bethinabox 8 years
My pups love standard sized balls. They couldn't get their jaws around the jumbo ones if they tried - Those are bigger than their heads! Lol. My Mattie especially loves tennis balls (or anything, really) with squeakers in them.
red4bonez red4bonez 8 years
Both of my dogies like standard size ball. But what they really love are rubber balls. They chew on them for hours. Once I took the doogies to a dog park and my small dog stole this colorful rubber squeeky ball and she wouldn't give it back. So I went to rite aid and got 5 balls for both of my pups. They love them. The squeeker breaks in like 5 minutes but they still love them cuz they are sooo rubbery. Lol
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