A friend from Southern California sent me this email the other day about how her lab Jake seems to prefer one color over the others:

"My dog Jake loves playing fetch with tennis balls – he could fetch those things all day and not get tired! My local sports store carries different colored tennis balls, and I just naturally picked the blue ones since Jake is a boy. I buy replacements in the same color, until last week when they were out of stock and I was forced to buy the regular bright green ones. Once I got them home and tossed the ball out in the yard, Jake would not fetch! Time after time, he wouldn't fetch that bright green ball. So to test, I picked up an old tore up blue one and Jake took off after it! Have you ever heard of a dog having a favorite color toy?"

Although research suggests that pups have similar vision to humans with red/green color blindness which may determine why Jake only fetches the blue tennis balls, the story was so cute, I thought I would ask you all the same question: Does your pet seem to prefer one color over the rest?