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It's amazing what a little (frozen) water can do! If your pet's confined to a crate on hot days – and I strongly recommend you take care to make sure there's A/C or a fan nearby – try placing a few reusable ice packs under his crate pad.The simplest way to do this – resealable plastic bags! I buy the largest, gallon-sized freezer bags, fill about 80 percent with water, zip up, and lay flat to freeze! Definitely be careful if your pup's nails aren't filed down – you don't want him to accidentally puncture it and end up in a pool of water. Even though I find the freezer bags to be the sturdiest, if you've got no limit to your budget, there's the official On-Ice Bag ($50 and up) favored to keep show dogs cool when they're not in the ring.

See a couple more tips for icy drinks when you


Many pups – like Samson – love to chase ice cubes (especially PB flavored) around the bowl with their tongues and adding these to water can keep them cool in the heat of the day. If you want to give them more long-lasting coolness, buy an extra stainless-steel water dish. In addition to a normal water bowl, freeze the second bowl 80 percent full of water to make an ice block. Leave both dishes on a pet's placemat so, as the day goes on, they'll have more chilly water to drink.


Susan76 Susan76 9 years
My Dogs like eating icecubes. As soon as they hear the icemaker they come begging for ice.
doubleuendy doubleuendy 9 years
i freeze about 15 things of tupperware every night for my dog so during the day she has plenty of cold water. i throw a couple big chunks in her little swimming pool and she loves to splash around trying to get the ice!
Renees3 Renees3 9 years
I like the idea of freezing water in the bowl! Might try that!
dzymzlzy dzymzlzy 9 years
That's a great tip about freezing water in an extra bowl. One day I thought I'd be nice and gave my pups some ice in their regular bowl. What was I thinking?! I KNOW they love to play with ice and my Ruby thought she was bobbin' for ice! She made such a mess all over the kitchen floor. Both my dogs adore crunching on ice and come running as soon as they hear me open the freezer.
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