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Fashion Panties: Spoiled Sweet or Spoiled Rotten?

On "certain days," your unspayed female pooches may need a little assistance in the cleanliness department. Now, you could buy run-of-the-mill disposable or reusable diapers for your girls in heat, but will you sacrifice your (her) sense of fashion?

If not, then there is the Fashion Panty from Dog Model. To be used in addition to a proper doggie diaper, the panties just slip over the diaper so you can still go out in style, knowing that Princess is protected. Since there are no prices listed, I'm assuming they aren't cheap! What do you think – would you spring for these?

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Vaadsfweytes Vaadsfweytes 8 years
Over 10 years ago, when my dog had her very first period, vet recommended my mother to buy a pair of gingham undies. We also had to purchase a box of tiny pads. She absolutely hated wearing those, and I personally found it a bit bizarre seeing a dog with undies.
4blankwalls 4blankwalls 8 years
My mom keeps saying that she wants to get a dog and just have them wear these all the time because the thought of an animal's butt on her sofa grosses her out. Luckily, she's just not done it, because I might have to go and rescue the poor animal from this full-time humility.
Rally-RE Rally-RE 8 years
'bitch pants' (what these things are actually called) are sold at AKC dog shows by different vendors. they aren't expensive. i think i bought my aussie's bitch pants for under $20. they are black with little pastel flowers - very cute. and, they even make bitch pants without the hole for the tail for those of us who own pups with docked tails.
couture-yourself couture-yourself 8 years
we're going through heat with Bella right now (again - second time in 4 months). this is the second time we've scheduled her to get spayed and she went into heat. ugh! but yeah, I would definitely spring for these if they weren't super expensive...and if I wasn't planning on getting her spayed after she's out of heat.
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