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I love all sorts of creatures and critters and PetSugar is the place for information on all pets from traditional to exotic alongside farm and wild animals too! However, almost as much as I love the age-old question of Mac vs. PC, I love the cat person/dog person debate.

As a disclaimer, I had both a dog (Joey) and a cat (Precious) growing up in the suburbs with my parents. Yet, spending my most recent years post-college in major metropolitan cities, multiple pet ownership just wasn't possible based on my budget and my apartment's square footage. I knew I wanted a pet, and I had a very tough call to make based on my interests and lifestyle.

I know that plenty of people are lucky enough to own multiple pets of multiple breeds and species, but, if you could only pick one pet to own, which would it be?


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LeighFFoster LeighFFoster 9 years
BinkyP BinkyP 9 years
I'm an animal lover,but I can't imagine life without at least two cats!
BinkyP BinkyP 9 years
I'm an animal lover,but I can't imagine my life without at least two cats!
BinkyP BinkyP 9 years
I'm an animal lover,but I can't imagine my life without at least one cat!
DejaVecu DejaVecu 9 years
I have both right would be a space and time issue, I guess. Cats require less time and less space, but I would miss having a dog. (I don't do little dogs, dogs need walks that cats don't etc.)
tabloidprincess tabloidprincess 9 years
dog person.
chica0953 chica0953 9 years
I am all about DOGS... every once in a while I tell my husband I want a cat but thats not going to happen!
janellethechef janellethechef 9 years
My cat's name is Precious!! She's my baby!!!
batteylicious batteylicious 9 years
i've had a cat all my life, but i like small, calm a dog that acts like a cat haha
danakscully64 danakscully64 9 years
Both! I lean towards dogs because I've only had one cat my entire life, but I love them all. I'm an animal lover, period. I've had chinchillas (still do!), a rabbit (still do), 16 rats, mice, 3 guinea pigs, birds, etc. I used to be called "rat girl." :)
kitkaty82 kitkaty82 9 years
Had always been a dog person, I liked cats but wasn't crazy about them. Then my cat found me, claimed me and its been love ever since. I would love to have a dog too, but my schedule just doesn't allow for that now.
marthalilian126 marthalilian126 9 years
Dogs are, hands-down, the best pet in the world. There is nothing like the comfort and laughter that they provide. They are loyal and provide you with unconditional love.
yn096 yn096 9 years
Both. I love my cat and my dogs!
Soniabonya Soniabonya 9 years
I love both cats and dogs. We've always had adog in the family and cats, but I think the family is more cat people because we let them in the house. We got up to six cats last year, but 3 of them passed away. ;-;
Pets Pets 9 years
We'll have information on all types of animals from traditional pets to exotic pets to farm, zoo, and wild animals so stay tuned!
jen22 jen22 9 years
I like both. But I am allergic to cats, so its dogs for me. :)
hyper-somnia hyper-somnia 9 years
I love them both but am a little more of a dog person.
MrsJigglesworth MrsJigglesworth 9 years
mbrown81 mbrown81 9 years
By the way there are a lot of pets in animal shelters right now that could use loving homes. Whether it be a cat or a dog you would be saving a life.
mbrown81 mbrown81 9 years
Both and do we have to go by just cats and dogs what about frogs, and turtles, birds. Lets just say I like animals a bit.
clearlysaid clearlysaid 9 years
I'm a tarantula person.
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
i've never had either but i want a greyhound or italian greyhound or whippet when i get a house of my own.
cs cs 9 years
Gabriela14815884 Gabriela14815884 9 years
I'm an everything person! lol Considering I currently have 2 dogs, a rabbit and a turtle but have also had cats and fish in the past I think I have covered most of the domestic animal kingdom :P I love them all!
headoverheels1 headoverheels1 9 years
I have a dog, but I adore cats as well! Though they make me sneeze. :(
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