It's super rainy here . . . boo. Neither I nor my pup are fans of the falling wet stuff. But, as much as he dislikes it, I also dislike putting the raincoat on my pooch when he decides he has to go potty at six o'clock on a drizzly morning . . . and then again two hours later. After all, North just does a quick dash to the nearest post, pees, and makes another beeline back to my front door. Getting him to walk any further means I am stuck with a grumpily wet dog who tries desperately to rub the wet (and the dog) against any fabric-covered item he can find back inside my apartment.

If this is sounding like a familiar dance to you, then enter the pet umbrella ($17.95). Meant for tiny pooches, it's essentially a very short leash, umbrella and bent handle for you to grip. I'm betting my little guy moves a tad too fast for his product and will cause the umbrella to swerve back and forth allowing him to get both sides of his body and my legs, pretty wet. But, maybe the rain is bringing about my negativity so what do you think?