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The fourth of November isn't just the day that we elect a new President, but it's also a day when we get to voice our opinions on a batch of new bills, propositions, and laws in our respective states. For those of us in California, there is one in particular that had a group of pooches and their owners barking. . . err, talking to folks on the streets recently. As a fan of all animals, this particular law hits close to home and made me want to get more information. Thankfully, there were a number of people on the street willing to talk me through it.

It's called Prop 2, and its goal is to help fight cruelty and inhumane treatment to farm animals. How?






To find out the details of Prop 2,


Talking to the people on the street, I got the lowdown on what Prop 2 would mean for farmers and their animals.
Prop 2:

  • Prevents cruelty by making sure farm animals aren't shoved into tiny cages that don't allow them enough room to turn around, lie down, and extend their limbs while being raised as livestock.
  • Improves food safety. By preventing animals from being confined to such close quarters, it helps reduce the number of diseases and germs that spread between them that can eventually make their way into our food.
  • Protects the air and water surrounding farms by regulating untreated waste that gets released into our ground water, waterways, and soil.
  • Gives farmers sufficient time – until 2015 – to shift from their confinement methods to more humane practices.
  • Other states like Florida, Arizona, Colorado, and Oregon have already passed similar laws!

It goes without saying that you should definitely research the bills that you'll be voting on in your state on your own, so that you can draw your own conclusions. Do you have similar bills in your state? What issues are you most concerned about this voting season?

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Bebeshopper Bebeshopper 8 years
I don't live in CA, but if I did, I would vote a big, fat YES for the animals. Not for the profit of people exploiting animals, but for the animals. It really is sad that being humane to animals has to be mandated, but alas, it does. Anything for a buck, right?
wackdoodle wackdoodle 8 years
I will be voting No on 2 because it will drive family and small organic farmers out of business. This is a PeTA sponsored bill, that probably doesn't bother many people but it bugs me - they cannot get everyone to voluntarily become Vegetarian and Vegan so they are going to try to make it a criminal offense to be a farmer. It does not prevent "cruelty" to farm animals, it simply allows PeTA and it's under-organizations HSUS and CSPI to dictate Californians diets. This law wouldn't not go into effect until 2015, if ever do to the extraordinary cost of enforcement and the lack of Dept of AG inspectors to oversee the odd criteria of the law. In reading the actually text of the prop on the ballot information, it has no way, no provisions at all for enforcement (it doesn't generate any funds via regular fees on farmers). It doesn't fund itself and does not actually protect all farm animals and doesn't make provisions for removal of the animals in case of abuse. The law's intention is to reduce the availability of locally raised and breed meat and dairy products in the CA marketplace. So there goes the eating locally grown product and we're back to eating poultry trucked from TN loaded with pesticides and antibiotics, instead of fresh and healthy local product. This is a law whoses sole intention is to drive small farms out of business by allowing for mandatory fines and prison time for farmers regardless of means. It would fine anyone and everyone contacted to the farm and require the courts to charge the person with a misdemeanor and allow for up to 6 months prison time. So even if a small organic farms that cannot guarantee that there stock can stand and rotate in a birthing pen, then they must go out of business. Sometimes this state (CA) is such a joke because at the same time PeTA/HSUS/CSPI has gotten this measure on the ballot to criminalize being farmer - NoRML and other pro-marijuana groups have gotten prop 5 on the ballot to decriminalize possession of Marijuana with intent to sell. The law presents itself as a law to overhaul the treatment of the drug addicted but really its about protecting the growers and drug dealers. So you could grow and try to sell 5 kilos of Marijuana and it's no longer a misdemeanor it's an infraction with the possibility of a $100 fine and maybe the requirement of attending a drug abatement program (which would be the choice of the dealer) while a farmer who puts a pregnant hen in a pen where the hen cannot rotate itself 360 degrees or lie on the floor of the pen with its legs outstretched would be fined, get a criminal records and serve prison time. The only time I ever saw a chicken with it's legs outstretched legs was when I saw one that had drown during a brief summer rain. The chicken had stood gawking at the falling rain and it drown from not having the brain power to remember to swallow the water filling its mouth or to close it's month. In case you've never been on an organic free range farm to see the behavior of "free-range" hens when they are about to lay or seen a pregnant cow neither of those animals move much at all. Hens seem to instinctively stay seated during laying like most birds and up until the labor starts for a cow, she is pretty sedentary. But once her water breaks she gets violent and can and will hurt herself if she is not constrained. Prop 5 is just as ridiculous as Prop 8, which people need to realize is an attempt to change the CA Constitution via an amendment. So unlike every other time these groups have tried to make same-sex marriages illegal and been told that their proposition was unconstitutional, now the want to change the CA Constitution to make discrimination legal. I always encourage other voters to read the actual legal text of these props and look at and look up who is sponsoring these proposals.
K-is-For-Kait K-is-For-Kait 8 years
It's great to see laws like this! Massachusetts will vote on a question that aims to shut down the two Greyhound racing tracks in the state anf make dog racing illegal. I cannot wait to vote "Yes" on that one!
ehadams ehadams 8 years
I can't see why anyone would vote No on this.
Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
I got my absentee ballot and have already voted yes on Prop. 2!
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
i'm really excited to vote this year, there's so much I feel strongly about! I really hope this one passes, i'll be voting yes on 2. the commercials they have playing on this one totally make me want to cry.
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